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A Father's Prayer for His Children

Prayer Card

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Personalized prayer card
30 piece minimum.


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Size (in inches):

3 x 5

Front Text:

A Father's Prayer for His Children
            Saint Joseph, I come to you with my concerns for the welfare of my children.  I recall your anxiety when, to your surprise and Mary's, Jesus was not among your relatives and friends on your return from Jerusalem.  I too worry about my children.  Many dangers surround the youth of today.  Sometimes, in my loving concern for them, I may seem to them to be difficult or even harsh.  Help me to remove the barriers that may come between my children and myself.  I love my children and desire good and wholesome things for them.  Good Saint Joseph, watch over my children and inspire me to know how to speak and act in love.  Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for me.  Amen.

A Father's Prayer for His Children in black lettering over soft green watercolor background.

Item Details:

A Father's Prayer for His Children in black lettering over soft green watercolor background.

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