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Prayer of a Wife

Prayer Card

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Size (in inches):

3 x 5

Front Text:

Prayer of a Wife
            Saint Joseph, I honor you as a faithful spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and loving guardian and foster father of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  I ask your intercession in my daily life as a wife.  You were devoted to your wife, Mary of Nazareth, with whom you faced many difficulties and mysteries.  In your loving kindness, hear my request for your assistance in my vocation.  Help me to model my life on your spouse, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Give me your spirit of love and devotion toward the members of my family.  I ask you, good Saint Joseph, to surround those I love with your powerful protection.  Amen.

Prayer of a Wife in deep red lettering over a cloud-like background of magenta and blue.

Item Details:

Prayer of a Wife in deep red lettering over a cloud-like background of magenta and blue.

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