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St. Valentine's Day Card

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WCB1858 Package of 5 cards with envelopes


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cards and

20 piece minimum.
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Size (in inches):

5 x 7 (A-7)

Front Text:

For God so Loved the World that He Gave His Only Begotten Son, that Whoever Believes in Him Should not Perish but Have Eternal Life. (Crossword image) John 3:16

Inside Text:

You are a blessing to those whose lives you touch! Your generosity and self-giving reflect God’s love in so many ways.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

Bible Verse:

 John 3:16

On cover

Item Details:

A crossword based on John 3:16 with the resultant word "VALENTINE"  formed at the center of the text upon a cross in the background.  Text in light magenta on a red ground with a black cross.

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