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Holy Family Icon

Christmas Card

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Packaged Stock Cards
RCB4307 Package of 18 cards with 19 envelopes


Personalized Cards and/or Envelopes - Order by the Piece
  1. To order imprinted items, enter the total number of cards (not packages) you want to order in the box below. It does not have to be a multiple of the package quantity, but it does have to be at least 20.
  2. If you do want to calculate a package multiple, adjust the package quantity below and the card quantity will calculate the correct multiple, as long as it meets the minimum quantity for imprinting.
  3. Please select Imprinted Cards, Envelopes, or Both under “Select Imprint option” below before clicking “Personalize and Add to Cart”
  4. $8.00 setup fee applies once per design to card and once to envelopes, if imprinted.
  5. The price calculated below includes cards, envelopes, and imprinting fees.
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Select Imprinting option:

20 piece minimum on both.

Cards: $0.99
Envelopes: included

packages, =

cards and

Size (in inches):

5 x 7 (A-7)

Front Text:


Inside Text:

Let us welcome Christ with faith reborn.

Bible Verse:

 Luke 1:35

...the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God.

Item Details:

Icon of the Holy Family.

Text on Back:

The Holy Family
In this beautiful icon of the Holy Family, we see the holiness of the
parents and their sense of wonder at their calling. Their heads are inclined
together in a posture of mutual support and affection. At the bottom of
the picture, three hands touch in unity and love. Joseph is portrayed as a
strong, handsome man, his arms protectively enveloping both Mary and
Jesus. His face shows love, but also concern. We can sense his wonder
and fear at being called to be the earthly father of the Son of God. Mary’s
face shows peaceful acceptance of her place as wife and mother. The
stars on her robe are symbols of her perpetual virginity. The Greek letters
in the upper left corner stand for Meter Theou, “Mother of God.” Those
in the upper right spell out “Saint Joseph.” Jesus is presented to us in a
posture of strength. Unlike the adults, He isn’t leaning on anyone. He is
their center and the center for all humanity. Christ looks directly into the
soul of the viewer, His hand raised in blessing. He wears a royal robe,
symbolic of His dominion over all the universe. On His halo, Greek
letters omicron, omega, nu, spell out “HO ON.” In English, this becomes
“Who Am,” the name used for God in Exodus 3:14.

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