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St. Jude Icon

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ICQ107 6" X 11" ICON ON WOOD


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Item Details:

Icon image of St. Jude, patron of desperate situations and of hospitals.  He wears a green mantle over a white tunic and carries a staff in his left hand and an image of Jesus in his right.

Wood-mounted icons are on 5/8" ProWood® Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with a wood-look foil finish, with tee-slots milled in the back for easy hanging. Icons are finished in classic cherry to replicate the traditional icon red, in keeping with Byzantine tradition. (Ancient icon board edges were frequently coated with red bole, a form of clay). Each mounted icon comes with a descriptive pamphlet explaining the symbolism and history of the image.

Please allow 5-10 business days for orders of 20 or more icons.

Our icon designs are also available as unmounted prints in sanctuary-size enlargements up to 38 inches wide. The latest technology enables enlargement without sacrificing quality. We do not currently have the ability to mount these prints on wood or any other material. You may purchase your own frame from a custom frame shop. Call 800-889-0105 for pricing and ordering.

Image Origins

St. Jude has become a popular Roman Catholic saint as the intercessor for  desperate causes. One of the twelve Apostles, he was called Thaddeus to avoid confusion with Jesus’ betrayer, Judas Iscariot.  Some authorities credit St. Jude as the author of the New Testament epistle bearing his name and also as a relative of Jesus.
St. Jude is modeled on Western tradition; however, the medallion with Christ’s face on it connects him to the Eastern tradition. This icon is the central panel of a triptych that hangs in St. Joseph Catholic Church in Palmyra, Missouri.

Theology and Symbolism

St. Jude’s portraiture, clothing and attributes are based on Western representations, presented in Byzantine-Slav iconographic style.  Unlike the East which shows St. Jude as a clean-shaven, young man, here he is bearded. He wears the color green, symbolizing the Holy Spirit as the eternal springtime of God’s work. The flame atop Jude’s head is a further reference to the Holy Spirit, recalling the tongues of fire that appeared above the Apostles and Mary at Pentecost. He carries the pilgrim’s staff of an itinerant preacher.

In St. Jude’s other hand, he holds a medallion bearing an image of Christ’s face. This image comes from an Eastern tradition – similar to Veronica’s veil – in which Jesus touched his face to the Mandylion, miraculously imprinting his portrait on the cloth. The word “Mandylion” is from Byzantine Greek that describes a holy facecloth bearing Christ’s visage.  According to legend, Jesus sent Jude to the king of Edessa with this image to effect a cure of his leprosy. The iconographic subject of the Mandylion is seen on this medal.  This image, believed not to have been made by human hands, was seen as an important proof of the divine approval of the use of sacred images after the time of the Incarnation.  

In this holy image, St. Jude presents us again with the face of Christ and promises miraculous intervention from our God, even in the most hopeless of circumstances.

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