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Peggy Ferguson

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Peggy has been drawing and painting since she was a child. She writes:

What I like to create in my graphite pencil drawings is an accurate representation of the subject almost photo-realism, with an emphasis on high contrast of values and detail. I put most of my detail into the subjects facial features which is the soul of the subject whether a person or animal. In my colored pencil drawings I absolutely love to add as many colors as possible. This would be my motivator for CP rather than the value contrast that I show in my graphite pencil renderings. My CP renderings are realistic yet not detailed. I also work in oils, watercolor, acrylic and pen & ink. In all of my work I love the use of many colors. I expect I will always be in a "learning" stage no matter how proficient I may become as an artist. There are just too many alternatives and not enough time to experiment with them all.

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