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Gwen M. Stamm

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During my childhood years, I lived on a turkey farm with my parents Duane and the late Carol Stamm and five siblings near Archbold, Ohio. I majored in art at Hesston College, Hesston, Kansas, and Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas. During that time I had the privilege of studying primarily under art professors and mentors Robert Regier and Paul Friesen. Following nearly five years as a graphic designer at Goshen College in Indiana, I moved to Scottdale, Pennsylvania, and worked at Mennonite Publishing House in the design department for 18 years. Along with a graphic design career, I have been involved with the Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh, studying different techniques with various calligraphy artists. For several years now, I have set up a freelance business at home in design, illustration, and calligraphy. My largest design project to date has been an old house which my spouse and I bought--bringing challenges that involve both two- and three-dimensional aspects, a project that will likely be with us for our duration in this house! I have become aware of how much I am in a perpetual "experimental mode" when engaged in art and design. In other words, there is never a point of arrival, and no clear distinction between "art" and "life" lessons! The discipline to be open with a sense of wonder and play, to be ready to change at any point, and to let go, allows freedom to discover what wants to emerge visually. My quest is to live deeply within this discipline, to be true to the spirit within and give myself completely to the process.

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