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Lori Tews

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved drawing, painting, writing, playing piano, singing, etc. Art, in all its forms, has always been fascinating.

I have been a lettering artist for 10 years - longer, if you count time off raising a family. While my college degree is in accounting, while working as a K-12 substitute teacher, I found my way back to my first love - art.

Combining words with paint and texture and conveying the feeling of those words on canvas, paper, walls, drums, etc. has fascinated me. Lately I've been venturing into writing my own thoughts down and expressing them with calligraphy, color, and form as well.

My thanks to the many wonderful instructors that I have studied with--several of whom were former scribes to Queen Elizabeth II. Carl Rohrs, Peter Thornton, Louise Grunewald, Julian Waters, Glen Epstein, and Charles Pearce have had a huge influence on me. I've continued to study this art form and its rules, learning when and how to break them. Contemporary German and Belgian calligraphy also inspires me: it's funky and full of energy.

My favorite creations involve presenting thought-provoking quotes, verses, and other text using a variety of mediums that pull the viewer in, inviting her/him to read what is present on the surface, think deeper, and perhaps question her/his way of thinking or perceiving the world, and in the process, broaden their perspective. That, in a nutshell, is the goal of my art: to encourage growth in tolerance, appreciation, wisdom, and happiness - though sometimes it's simply to entertain!

I ventured into interior design with the remodel of an automotive business in Mankato. It was redone in a retro-style with old LP records, vintage car parts for shelves, etc.

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